Below you will find a summary of selected projects I’ve recently participated in. You may filter these projects based on their status (active or archived) and topics.


Dissertation Project: (Not) Managing Metrics: Algorithmic Labor Control and Resistance in the Gig Economy

Dissertaion project focusing on the politics of metrics in the gig economy

Algorithmic Labor Management and Uber Drivers’ Algorithmic Imaginaries

Pilot research project that examined Uber drivers’ algorithmic imaginaries and practices

Historicizing a Contentious Political Space in Hong Kong

Project that examined the political transformation of Victoria Park in Hong Kong

Imagined Surveillance Across Social Media Platforms

Drawing on in-depth interviews with college-aged youth, Brooke Erin Duffy and I introduced the concept of “imagined …

Legitimacy and Forced Democratization in Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement

Project that examined how the social movement leaders in the 2014 Umbrella Movement addressed legitimacy issues

Place-making and Communication Practice: Precarity in a Night Market in Hong Kong

MPhil thesis about street hawkers’ precarious work practices in Hong Kong